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How NOT To Use Face Oil | Eve’s Garden Products

Stepping into a new skincare routine can be frightening. Adding the anxiety of spending money to buy an oily substance to rub on your face may also sound counterintuitive. By understanding what NOT to do in using this age-old secret, the benefits of using face oils vastly outweigh any downsides. While you can easily make mistakes if you aren’t prepared, we’ll explain some common mistakes of face oils so the results are nothing short of a dream.

What ARE Face Oils?

Face oils are oil-based liquids often blended from plant oils and extracts; these are fattier in consistency than water-based skincare products like serums or moisturizers. Face oils should be applied either after moisturizers for additional dry-skin support or before makeup and sunscreen.

Face oils are designed to be the final step to act as a protective barrier. When applied properly, face oils can provide a healthy glow and even aid in scar minimization.

Things to Consider

Knowing how to use face oils correctly, you ensure gaining all the benefits. Before choosing an oil, consider a few things like ingredients, application, purpose and type.

While you may want to use natural products, avoid slathering any old household ingredient. Oils like palm, coconut, or olive oil are heavier and unrefined oils may clog pores. Also consider any ingredients that you are sensitive or allergic to and avoid these.

Be mindful when you are applying face oils that they are slow absorbing. Let the oil fully absorb and before you apply anything else like liquid foundations or powder. Dab or pat on to apply oil rather than rub in and then allow it to sit for a few minutes before continuing your self-care routine.

Keep the overall purpose in mind when choosing an oil. If your skin is naturally dry, don’t look to face oils as the sole answer. Face oils support moisture retention, or serve as a barrier for your skins natural oils, but they don’t necessarily hydrate the skin itself. For excessively dry skin types, consider keeping or adding a moisturizer to your skin regimen. Try various combinations to figure out what works best. Also, unless you are using the oil to remove heavy makeup or paint, use oil last in your skin cleansing regimen.

Depending on the type of your skin and the type of the face oil blend, be mindful of what your skin needs are. For example, if you have oilier skin you want to avoid more oleic or “oilier” face oils like avocado or macadamia. To address the range of skin types, Eve’s Garden Products has three types of face oils. For youthful or oilier skin, consider Rebel Face oil to balance and minimize spots. For more mature skin needs, consider Happy Days Face oil to nourish and support. For sun-friendly skin or weekend adventurers, consider Sundial Face oil which nourishes dry skin while providing a very minimal, natural UV protection through hemp seed oil.

Tips and Tricks

Regardless of what type you choose, all face oils have benefits or multi-purpose perks. Oils can:

· Provide a solid moisture barrier for your skin,

· be used to give or receive facial or body massages,

· moisturize cuticles after scrubbing or polishing fingernails, and

· remove heavy makeup, oil-based and waterproof face paint -- ALL WHILE nourishing your face.

In short, face oils are an effective and natural way to care for your skin. Facing your fear of face oil can open you up to the world of well-moisturized and supple skin. Eve’s Garden Products has multiple varieties available to support a myriad of lifestyles and skin types.

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